Raising up and releasing leaders

'Good leadership is about empowering others to go beyond where you have gone,' says founder of the International Sports Movement, Eddie Waxer. In this article from our Elevate podcast, Eddie shares on the core values of humility and trust when raising up and releasing a generation of new leaders. So long as leaders want to prioritise the mission over themselves, Eddie says that leaders need to 'lead from the back' in order to empower those who are leading the movement on the ground.

A season of rebuilding

In this article Mergon Chairman Dick van der Walt provides wise insight from Zechariah 4 on how to successfully navigate transitions and 'move with resilience and authentic hope from disorientation to inspiration'. What is key to this process, he suggests, is leading with a mindset of abundance. It’s a mindset that is often counter-cultural but foundational to the Biblical perspective, rooted in the confidence of God’s all-sufficiency, and one that will serve as a compass when building businesses with purpose.

Mertech Marine: a circular economy solution

Business can be a powerful catalyst for social good. That's why our investment portfolio is structured to scale and grow our Kingdom impact in society. Mergon investee company, Mertech Marine, is an innovative model of submarine cable recovery and recycling that offers an environmentally sustainable solution. In today’s world of ever-increasing demands on the environment, Mertech Marine is playing its part in the circular economy.

When worldviews collide – and how the Gospel reconciles

Our worldview shapes how we do things and what we value most in this world. But what happens when differing worldviews collide? How can the Gospel help us navigate these differences and build bridges of understanding? In Ziwani’s first online ‘At the Lake’ discussion, we explored this question, drawing from the insight of 4 seasoned panelists who effectively create 'safe, brave spaces' for cross-cultural understanding to emerge.

Unlocking the power of partnerships in world missions

When organisations, ministries, churches and missionaries start working together and join their networks to accomplish a shared vision, the possibilities for Kingdom impact exceed any and all expectations. In this Elevate Leadership podcast entitled ‘Unlocking the power of partnerships in world missions’, Kärin Butler Primuth of visionSynergy shares about the work they do as an organisation to champion the power of collaboration and multi-organisational networks.

8 Characteristics of Excellent Leaders

Drawing on decades of experience in high profile positions, Martin Kuscus highlights 8 characteristics of excellent leaders. He encourages those who desire leadership to start with the critical question: why? What motivates my ambitions to lead - and do these ambitions serve a higher purpose than my own career goals? Martin offers practical advice which, if applied over time, can help pave the way to a meaningful and impactful leadership career.

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