Dancing with porcupines: the art of skilful conflict handling

Dancing with porcupines: the art of skilful conflict handling

In any aspect of life, especially in leadership, conflict is inevitable. The key lies not in avoiding it but in addressing it constructively. How do we see it as something positive, a tool that can be leveraged for the organisation’s good? John Yip explores this question in FiftyFour’s online workshop hosted in late 2023. In this overview article, John offers tools, insights, and personal experiences to transform the challenging topic of confrontation into a catalyst for strengthening teams, missions, and organisational purpose.
The value of being on the ground - Mergon Foundation

The value of being on the ground

'I pondered over the question that had stayed with me since I had stepped onto the aircraft: ‘Why am I doing this… again?’ Travelling in Africa is not for the faint-hearted but Mergon Foundation's regional manager for sub-Saharan Africa shares on some of the compelling moments he might have missed, had he not travelled to spend face-to-face time with our ministry partners in this region. In this blog article, De Wet gives us a fresh, personal take on what he sees as ‘the value of being on the ground.’
Abiding in Christ - Mergon Foundation

Abiding in Christ

'In John 15, Jesus calls us to produce fruit that remains,' says Mergon Foundation’s Neil Hart. The call to abide in Christ stands as a profound and transformative invitation for each of us. But it is harder than it looks on the surface and entails both discipline and pruning. Pruning is something that God promises to do when we produce fruit. In this blog post, Neil shares some key insights into the intricate journey of accepting the invitation to abide in Christ and allowing Him to continually prune us so that we can produce fruit that remains.

Faith in the Digital Age: Understanding Gen Z

Mergon Foundation's Nqobile Ngcobo shares in this article on the importance of ‘walking the long road’ with young people, and specifically with Gen Z. Born between the mid-1990s and the early 2010s, this ‘digital native’ generation has a unique lens through which they see the world and relate to Christ. How can we understand and work alongside this generation, celebrating their strengths and making space for their unique leadership? Read more here.

Pursuing solutions for sustainable change

‘Beneath a culture's surface lies much that shapes it, often unspoken perspectives and mindsets that influence our behaviour,’ says Mergon Foundation board member and Infundo Consulting founder, Charmaine Smith. To understand how these underlying dynamics give meaning and direction to our lives, she recommends systems thinking approach. Read here to learn more about the value of systems thinking in unlocking social impact and long-lasting partnerships.

5 strengths of the African church

The African church has distinctive strengths that are adding valuable contributions to the body of Christ. In addition to being digitally connected, resilient, open to the supernatural, and home to the world’s largest Christian population, Africa is also witnessing a rise in indigenous leadership. Peter Tarantal, OM international director Mergon Foundation forum board member, highlights five aspects he considers as this continent’s strengths. Read why Peter believes Africa is poised to shape the future of the global church.