Building collaboration across continents | Mergon

Building collaboration across continents

Explore the power of collaboration as three foundations across three continents gathered around one compelling question: ‘how can we play our part in growing healthy ministry organisations across the world?’ As each brought a set of values, perspectives and ideas to the table, FiftyFour was launched – an online learning and capacity building platform to grow organisations’ health and enhance their impact. Read on to discover the five advantages of collaboration they’ve discovered along the way.

On a life adventure with God

In the second season of the Mergon Journey podcast, we get to know the man behind the making of Mergon. In this article overview of the four episodes, host and Mergon CEO, Pieter Faure, delves into the pivotal moments that shaped his principles as a businessman, leader, and family man. From simple lessons in his father’s farm shop to navigating ‘power-hungry’ leadership in his early corporate career, we gain a glimpse into the values that embody Francois. Now in his 80s, Francois is still as visionary as ever, and he shows no signs of slowing down.
FiftyFour: Three steps to release local funding | Mergon

Three steps to release local funding

‘Growing your local funding is not only critical for organisational stability, but is good for the community as well,' shares UK-based fundraiser and consultant, Redina Kolaneci. In this article inspired by FiftyFour's recent live learning on this topic, she encourages us to think of fundraising not as a daunting or onerous task, but as something deeply fulfilling and dynamic along your organisation’s journey. She explores why local funding matters both financially and biblically, as well as three steps to nurture and release local funds.
Four (un)common ways of exiting | The Magnificent Exit by Neil Hart

Four (un)common ways of exiting

Great leaders think generationally and have the rare ability to imagine their organisation without them in the future picture. In his book, The Magnificent Exit, Neil Hart examines the traits of exceptional leadership and successful leadership transitions, rooted in the example that Christ left for us to follow. With these insights and his own experiences at hand, Neil identifies four core attributes of leaders who have successfully handed over the reins, and ensured organisational continuity beyond their tenure.
Mertech Marine: an underwater environmental solution

Mertech Marine: an underwater environmental solution

Business can be a powerful catalyst for social good. That's why our investment portfolio is structured to scale and grow our Kingdom impact in society. Mergon investee company, Mertech Marine, is an innovative model of submarine cable recovery and recycling that offers an environmentally sustainable solution. In today’s world of ever-increasing demands on the environment, Mertech Marine is playing its part in the circular economy. Read more here.
For every tribe and tongue: the vital role of Bible translation

For every tribe and tongue: the vital role of Bible translation

‘The word of God needs to saturate our minds if we want to know and follow God’s will.’ But for those who are unable to read or comprehend it because of a language barrier, the path to spiritual growth remains obstructed. With more than 1.5 billion people still without access to the full Bible in their heart languages, the role of Bible translation remains a vital endeavour. In this article, take a look at the process of Bible translation, the impactful stories of lives that have been transformed through receiving the word of God, and how we can all engage in this mission.