Pursuing solutions for sustainable change - Mergon

Pursuing solutions for sustainable change

‘Beneath a culture's surface lies much that shapes it, often unspoken perspectives and mindsets that influence our behaviour,’ says Mergon Foundation board member and Infundo Consulting founder, Charmaine Smith. To understand how these underlying dynamics give meaning and direction to our lives, she recommends systems thinking approach. Read here to learn more about the value of systems thinking in unlocking social impact and long-lasting partnerships.
5 strengths of the African church - Mergon

5 strengths of the African church

The African church has distinctive strengths that are adding valuable contributions to the body of Christ. In addition to being digitally connected, resilient, open to the supernatural, and home to the world’s largest Christian population, Africa is also witnessing a rise in indigenous leadership. Peter Tarantal, OM international director Mergon Foundation forum board member, highlights five aspects he considers as this continent’s strengths. Read why Peter believes Africa is poised to shape the future of the global church.
The unseen link between organisational health and impact for non-profits

The unseen link between organisational health and impact for non-profits

Mergon Foundation's Ian Conolly addresses maintaining a healthy organisational culture while strategically growing non-profit organisations. He identifies three key practices for achieving this: People, Thinking and Governance Practices. When these align, organisations can thrive with effective teams, clear strategies, and governance. In support of this, we introduce a new online learning and capacity-building platform called FiftyFour, to guide non-profit leaders in building thriving organisations. Launching in 2024.
Three ways to pursue in-Christ leadership - Johan Beukes

Three ways to pursue in-Christ leadership

In-Christ leadership is a transformative journey that benefits not only you as a leader but also those around you. In this guest blog post, Johan Beukes, leadership coach and Mergon Foundation board member, unpacks the basis of in-Christ leadership and gives Christian leaders a new perspective on the life-giving, holistic and integrated nature of this as an alternative approach. Johan also suggests three practical ways that you can embrace in-Christ leadership within your organisation.

Strength in resilience: African women entrepreneurs

In this overview article of the podcast, Sylvia shares her personal perspectives with Ziwani’s Keri-Leigh Paschal on the challenges, including underlying bias that women face in Africa’s workplace, shaped by a complex interplay of culture and worldviews. The key to addressing this bias, she believes, is open dialogue and conversation, asserting that ‘change does not originate from policy or the systemic level, but rather from you and me, and the individuals we interact with daily.’ Read her thought-provoking insights here.

Biblical training fosters healthy African churches

Africa is home to nearly 685 million Christians, with 760 million expected by 2025 – making it the continent with the most Christians in the world. The reality is, however, that roughly 90% of all church leaders across the continent have no formal training. The need for true gospel-based training, resources and access to discipleship could not be more vital for Africa’s future. To this end, the Mergon Foundation partners with a number of ministries who work into the theological training space to ensure that we will see an Africa trained and ready to reach the nations.