Cultivating the wisdom of perspective

In this article, Mergon’s Ian Conolly likens the art of good leadership to the skilful navigation of a dense forest. ‘This is where life and the constant rhythm of work happens,’ he writes. 'However, progress can be difficult to measure. There is no easy view of how far you’ve come or where you will end.’ So how do we keep a daily perspective in the thicket of leading and growing our organisations? Ian offers three practical ways to nurture our perspective intelligence and cut through the complexities of leading an organisation to keep the mission front and centre.

Partnering for success and significance

In this episode of Our Mergon Journey podcast, Mergon CEO Pieter Faure, COO Gauché Radley, and director Almero Strauss delve into the details of our investment approach by taking us through the hallways of Mergon’s history to the pivotal year of 2008, when founder Francois van Niekerk handed over the leadership reigns to Pieter Faure. Inspired to nurture their entrepreneurial drive, the young team initiated the groundwork for partnerships and measurable impact through early-stage investments in South Africa and beyond.

Introducing – a uniquely African online directory

Across Africa there is an intricate and inspirational network of ministries and organisations, all working to see God’s kingdom advance on this beautiful continent. That’s why eight years ago the Mergon Foundation initiated the South African Christian Directory (SACD) - a platform to strengthen connections and encourage collaboration between ministries. Today, we are excited to announce SACD’s rebranding to

Beauty in small beginnings

In this episode of Our Mergon Journey, Pieter Faure, Almero Strauss and Lauren Cloete-Henning share some of their learning experiences as a small new team. At the time, there simply was no blueprint available for operating in the diverse environments of entrepreneurial investment, philanthropy, and corporate social impact. Driven by their shared dedication to learning and improving, and to understanding God’s ways in business, the team found their way forward. This is a story of courage, resilience and God's ongoing faithfulness in times of difficulty.
supply chain

Social justice and the supply chain

In this overview article from Ziwani's Business & Justice series, Kerryne Krause, CEO of eyeSlices, a multinational brand, shares how Christians in business can make a tangible contribution to the social justice landscape around them. Here is an overview of the conversation on how business can go beyond ethics to be transformative, bringing meaningful impact and redemptive solutions to the marketplace.

Nurturing soulful organisations

Most of us desire to live soulfully, especially in our professional lives. We want to give ourselves to something that resonates with our passions, alongside others who feel equally engaged and inspired to bring their true selves forward. In essence, we long to be a part of a soulful organisation. But what exactly do soulful organisations look like, and how do we nurture them? In this guest article, BeSoulful founder, André Kilian, shares insights on how to cultivate greater authenticity and soulful integration in our organisations to unlock impact and purpose.