Mergon integrate  

Mergon Integrate aims to encourage effective stewardship of business, which leads to transformed lives and a just, flourishing society. This is done by bringing people from widely different industries and vantage points together in community to collaborate, peer-learn and develop integrated approaches and new solutions for enhanced long-term impact.

Mergon Integrate currently has two focus areas: Ziwani and Nation Builder. Ziwani was launched as a platform to connect and equip the business community across the African continent to meaningfully and practically live out their Kingdom calling in and through the workplace.

It recognises that business leaders in Africa can, and so often do, fundamentally shape their marketplace through biblically-aligned business practices – shifting societal norms towards a restored relationship with God, others and the environment.

Nation Builder was established to inspire and equip the South African business community to lead in positive social change by facilitating cross-sector peer-learning and the co-creation of social impact resources. It recognises the potentially pivotal contribution business can make to redress the social imbalances in our society and build towards our nation’s more prosperous future.

Nation Builder