Stewarding our joy

Lately I have been thinking about our role in Mergon as stewards – not only of God’s entrusted capital but of every aspect of our lives, including our joy. I believe the more we grow in and live from the understanding that ‘God owns it all’, the more effective we will be in stewarding our joy and energy levels in any season.

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How to get unstuck: unlocking the power of systems thinking

In this article, Samuel Njenga, director of strategy & training at Systems Thinking Africa and a trusted partner to the Nation Builder community, invites us to look at old problems through new lenses and elevate our thinking through a systems approach to problem solving.

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Ziwani – highlights and looking ahead

Since the June launch, so much has been taking place across the Ziwani landscape. New partnerships are forming, communities are growing, conversations are on the go – there’s a real sense of being propelled into the plans and purposes that God has intended for Ziwani.

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Disruption: resetting the now and gearing up for the next

In his talk entitled ‘Disruption: Resetting the now and gearing up for the next’ at Nation Builder’s 7th Annual In Good Company Conference, CEO of The Strategists, Abdullah Verachia, gave his perspective on how to identify opportunities and capitalise on innovation amidst deep disruption.

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Chart the course, steer the ship

There’s a saying: ‘When a student is ready, a teacher will appear.’ Over the years, I’ve learnt a lot from the teachers who appeared in my life, from church camp counsellors, to experienced mentors, to business leaders. Many entrepreneurial ventures down the line, I still look for guidance. Everyone should.

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Our mission explained: Calling at the centre

At Mergon we live with a deep awareness that our work wasn’t established through the generosity of a man, but through the grace and provision of God. The golden thread that has woven through our +40-year story is one of surrender.

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Organisational life stages and organisational health

Healthy organisations don’t ‘just happen’. To become a healthy organisation takes introspection, humility, honesty, and courage to confront hard questions, among many other things. The road to organisational health isn’t always easy, but it is worth the journey.

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Want to lead well? Root yourself in Christ

Adelaide Cupido is the founder of Yada Network and a member of the Ziwani community. In this article, she shares how her faith has been the ultimate roadmap for her career and has helped her to cultivate meaningful connections and lead better over time.

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Why intentional partnerships are paramount

Over the years at Mergon, we have found that there is an inextricable link between strategic partnering and overall impact. The development of a partnership engagement strategy is essential for long-term sustainability and relevance.

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Women at the centre of Kingdom impact

Historically Africa has been a predominantly patriarchal society, but scratch the surface and you will find, women are often the lifeblood. This is what Bishop Boniface Shonga has come to find in his years working to see communities and nations transformed throughout Africa.

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11 dimensions of organisational health

Through a process of identifying and defining the key dimensions of a healthy organisation, Mergon developed an Organisational Self-Perception Scan as a practical resource tool for NPO and ministry leaders.

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In Good Company Conference: Light in the Tunnel

‘Light in the Tunnel’ is the theme of Nation Builder’s 7th Annual In Good Company (IGC) Conference. With a line-up of thought-provoking sessions, the event is set to again inspire delegates and drive them to action to reframe our nation’s narrative.

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