Igniting potential, transforming Africa

Across the Mergon Foundation’s South Africa, sub-Saharan Africa and Middle East & North Africa portfolios, we partner with ministries who sense the responsibility and potential of investing in the next generation. Through different contextualised programmes and initiatives, these ministries share the gospel and disciple youth in creative ways, train them in practical leadership and life skills and, ultimately, play a significant role in launching young people into all God created them to be.

A season of transitions

In this episode of Our Mergon Journey podcast, Mergon board chairman Dick van der Walt provides insights into Mergon’s leadership transition around 2008, when founder Francois van Niekerk handed over the reins to Pieter Faure and his new team. This article captures highlights of their candid conversation. The conversation kicked off with Pieter diving into Dick's long-standing connection with Mergon, which began when Francois requested Dick’s assistance in securing a tax-exempt status for the Atterbury Trust.

A glimpse into Mergon Foundation’s funding approach

As a Foundation with a long history of partnering with impactful ministries, we have been through many learning curves. We have persistently sought the Lord and adapted the way we do things out of obedience to Him and His purposes for the Mergon Foundation. He has taken us on a journey and shaped our thinking, including our funding approach. How we show up in spaces, our posture of partnership and the focus that we place on relationships are all critical to our funding strategy.
business and justice

Embrace work as a calling

This article is an overview of the first episode of Ziwani's Business and Justice series in which Sibs Sibanda speaks to Sammy Rabolele, co-founder of the Beyond The Eyes Network. Beyond The Eyes helps organisations tell their stories to stakeholders and broader communities in a way that inspires faith and changes relationships for the better. Below are extracts of this interview and rich conversation on the powerful role of storytelling in promoting justice in Africa, and an invitation to listen to the full podcast.

Laying a strong foundation

In this episode of the Mergon podcast series, CEO and host, Pieter Faure, joins COO Gauché Radley and Mergon director, Almero Strauss. Together, they take a trip down memory lane and discuss Mergon's early days, including their experiences working with the company's founder, Francois van Niekerk. Through storytelling and candid reflection, they share on some of the values that were ingrained in Mergon's organisational culture from the beginning and how they still steer the company today.

A conversation with Mergon founder, Francois van Niekerk

During a recent interview, Mergon founder Francois van Niekerk shared the core principles that have guided him throughout his career, shaping Mergon into what it is today. He also discussed how he is now applying these principles to his latest ventures. The interview provided valuable insight into van Niekerk's leadership style and his approach to entrepreneurship. Here is a summary of the interview.