Mergon is an entrepreneurial investment
company that exists to
create Kingdom impact
and equip others to do
the same.



From a single, near bankrupt business, we’ve grown into an internationally diversified investment portfolio with significant interests in companies operating across various industries.


Through the Mergon Foundation, we deploy our resources to a portfolio of strategic, impactful partner initiatives who share the good news of Christ whilst caring for, uplifting, and empowering the people they work with.


Through Nation Builder we inspire and equip businesses towards greater social impact in our nation through collaborative learning platforms and best-practice resources. Through Ziwani we connect, inspire and resource Christian business leaders to have redemptive influence in the African marketplace.

The latest news and articles from Mergon and its partners

Practical perspectives on redeeming the supply chain

‘Linking the supply chain to social justice is not a new idea, nor is it limited to Christian businesspeople,’ says Kerryne. So how does redemptive engagement by Christians in business look any different from what ethical business is already doing? Through her award winning company, of eyeSlices®, founder and CEO Kerryne Krause is making a tangible contribution to the social justice landscape in South Africa. In this summary of her interview with Ziwani’s Sibs Sibanda, she offers a few practical examples of how Christians can operate as what she calls, a ‘community of conscience.’

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Why partnerships are key to Impact Management Reporting

Within the social impact sector, where Nation Builder serves, social investors and non-profit organisations (NPOs) recognise partnership as a core strategy to unlock sustainable social impact in South Africa. Building healthy, mutually beneficial partnerships between social investors and implementing organisations, however, takes time. Read this overview of Nation Builder’s Impact Management Reporting Guideline to learn more about the key stages in fostering impactful partnerships.

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Growing your organisational health

Organisations are like jet engines, says Mergon Foundation’s Werner Momberg, with each part of the engine playing a crucial role in moving the machine forward. To build organisations that make a real difference in this world, leaders need to tune and develop each of these components so that their organisations can become effective ‘engines of impact’. In this article Werner shares key insights into how leaders can nurture organisational health and grow their impact.

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The role of generational purpose in building a prosperous Africa

‘Our grandfathers dreamed of a free Africa, our fathers dreamed of respect for human rights. What will our generation be known for?’ asks Kenyan lawyer Nelson Ashitiva in this interview with Ziwani’s Sibs Sibanda. Nelson believes that every generation has its own contribution to make, while being connected to a God-given multi-generational purpose. Read how Africa is poised to flourish through generational faith.

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Building healthy donor relationships

Most ministry leaders note that they feel asking for funding shouldn’t be so hard, yet it is often the hardest part of their job. According to David Denmark, executive director of the Maclellan Foundation, what makes it so hard is the collision of personal and business in a context of a radical perceived power imbalance. In this Elevate episode we explore the complexities of financial giving, from both a beneficiary and donor perspective.

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Stewarding wealth

In a world where celebrity appears to be the highest calling, where everyone wants to be a leader or an owner, management is often seen as a second-rate calling. Stewardship, however, is closer to the idea of management than leadership, and a critically important theme in scripture. In this African Philanthropy Forum article, Neil Hart shares how true philanthropy is based on stewardship and outlines some key principles and paradigms to keep in mind when stewarding wealth for greater purposes than ourselves.

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