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  Catalysts for Kingdom Impact  

Mergon is an entrepreneurial investment company that exists to create Kingdom impact and equip others to do the same.

We do this by building businesses – strong, resilient ones across diverse industries with a significant potential to scale and grow over the long term.

The proceeds of these investments are distributed to the Mergon Foundation, which partners with impactful ministries that serve communities and nations across Africa and the Middle East.

Through Mergon Integrate’s Nation Builder and Ziwani, we inspire and equip the business community to use their business as a force for social good. These initiatives promote cross-sector conversations, rich in knowledge sharing and positive storytelling, that facilitate learning, collaboration and innovation for business leaders in South Africa and Africa.


Mergon holds an internationally diversified investment portfolio with significant interests in companies operating across various industries.


Through Nation Builder we support South Africa’s business community to lead in effective social impact. Through Ziwani we partner with business leaders so that they can meaningfully live out their marketplace calling in Africa’s unique contexts.


Through the Mergon Foundation, we deploy our resources to carefully selected ministries who effectively focus on the spiritual and societal transformation of countries and communities.

Latest news and articles

Developing a rhythm of continual evaluation and strategy

In this episode of the Elevate podcast we hear from Dr Steve Patty as he highlights two important aspects of organisational health, namely Strategy and Evaluation. His passion is to invest in people’s development – a pursuit he considers to be ‘one of life’s greatest joys and most sober responsibilities’. Through his consulting firm, Dialogues in Action, Steve is dedicated to helping people and organisations evaluate their impact.

Nation Builder: a modern day David with a giant to slay

14 years ago a two-woman team in Mergon launched an audacious dream called Nation Builder. But like all things God calls us to, the vision was far bigger than their capacity to fulfil it and required His grace and leading. In this condensed CEF white paper, executive head of Nation Builder and Ziwani, Keri Paschal, shares the history of Nation Builder – one that she likens to a ‘David’ up against the ‘Goliath’ of South Africa’s social inequality. Here are some of the lessons we can learn from their story.

The role of generational purpose in building a prosperous Africa

'Our grandfathers dreamed of a free Africa, our fathers dreamed of respect for human rights. What will our generation be known for?' asks Kenyan lawyer Nelson Ashitiva in this interview with Ziwani's Sibs Sibanda. Nelson believes that every generation has its own contribution to make, while being connected to a God-given multi-generational purpose. Read how Africa is poised to flourish through generational faith.

Biblical Accountability – An African Perspective

Leading a business with integrity is not always easy – and yet ‘doing the right thing’ is so important as Christians in the marketplace today. The Bible makes it clear that God wants us to embrace accountability in our lives – not just as a means of evading what’s ‘wrong’ but encouraging all that is right and needed to unlock our God-given potential. We got together last month to ask these questions during Ziwani’s second ‘At the Lake’ online event. Joining the discussion were four esteemed panel members.

Flying in the face of convention – the story of King Price

Ten years ago, Gideon Galloway walked through Mergon’s doors and pitched a brave and rather unconventional model of insurance – one that has gone to turn the industry on its head in South Africa. Today King Price still remains the biggest start-up investment in Mergon’s portfolio. Having celebrated King Price’s 10-year birthday last month, we interviewed Gauché Radley, Mergon COO and King Price chairman, to hear more about the fascinating story of King Price – a story he describes as one of ‘prayer, friendship and grace.’

The art of cross-cultural leadership

A leader’s role is never easy and leading people from different nations and cultures requires extra wisdom, humility and patience. In this episode of the Elevate podcast we hear from Edwin Fillies, co-founder of Nations 2 Nations, a ministry of Youth With A Mission (YWAM). Edwin is part of a team of international leaders of YWAM, which trains more than 25,000 people every year. This experience, combined with the diverse list of countries in which Edwin has resided, has given him exceptional insights into multicultural environments.

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