Healthy leaders leading healthy organisations will have the greatest, sustainable impact.

  OSP Scan  

Introducing the OSP Scan, a tool designed to assess and enhance the health of your non-profit organisation.

The OSP Scan will give your management team a balanced view across 9 important dimensions of organisational health and provide insight into your performance in 3 foundational organisational practices.

It clearly reveals strengths and challenges, and simultaneously equips you with knowledge to lead your organisation towards its dynamic future.

OSP gives insights into




The process to discovering your current health and where you can invest for growth is as follows:

OSP scan preparation virtual session 45 min

Leader briefing to discuss expectations and prepare participants on how to get the most value out of the scan.

Participant invitation

The organisation leader receives an invitation to set up the scan. The leader determines the participants and registers all participants who then receive an email inviting them to complete the scan.

Complete the scan 20 min

Participants create an OSP account and complete the scan, going through 9 organisational health elements.

OSP results workshop

A facilitated workshop (in person or virtual) that creates robust, productive conversation about focus and growth areas.

OSP growth plan

Where there’s need for growth, a growth plan is set in place to develop these areas.


Easy Setup

Contact us to register your account and invite your leaders to participate in your OSP scan. This may be executives, employees, and board members.

Anonymous Participation

All feedback is confidential and anonymous (although participants will be able to see their own feedback.)

Easy to Understand Results

Your survey results are broken down into clear actionable steps that give you the big picture and identify opportunities.

Responses from leaders using OSP

“A definite conversation starter. OSP enabled discussions around important topics and provided a solid platform for talking about key outcomes and development areas that still need attention. Great self-accountability tool. Super-impressed.”

“It was great to see how you are genuinely interested in walking with our organisation during our time of growth and transition. I look forward to seeing what God will do through our partnership.”

“The OSP is a super-insightful tool that shines a light into areas of strength and areas of development needs, which is brilliant.”