Over the years Mergon’s reach has not only widened, but deepened through an ever-growing network of relationships within Africa’s business community. Across the continent, there are God-honouring leaders who have aligned their business practices to biblical truths for the sake of building a just and flourishing society. These are colleagues and investors, thought leaders and innovators, whose voices are critical to the conversation in building ‘purpose beyond profit’ within the unique contexts of Africa’s marketplace.

Ziwani provides free access to high quality, biblically-aligned knowledge resources that are practically relevant to doing business on the African continent. These are not only curated from excellent external sources and networks, but also co-created through Ziwani working groups of Christian business leaders.

These resources include podcasts, personal testimonies, news articles, blogs, book reviews and thought leadership, and are all aimed at helping you as a business leader to practically and meaningfully connect your Kingdom calling to your business purpose.

“You are the light of the world. A city set on a hill cannot be hidden. Nor do people light a lamp and put it under a basket, but on a stand, and it gives light to all in the house.”

(Matthew 5:14:16)

Our Approach

Through its diverse peer learning communities, Ziwani hosts gatherings for supportive, authentic relationships to form. These communities provide opportunities to collaborate on local, redemptive business solutions.

Ziwani’s knowledge hub also offers free access to high quality, biblically-aligned resources and leading thought knowledge.

By joining one of Ziwani’s X-Change peer learning community groups, members are connected to like-minded leaders in business and industry.
Ziwani’s knowledge hub offers an extensive array of knowledge resources from leaders throughout our continent on topics relating to redemptive business.
Ziwani’s ecosystem facilitates connections with many other business networks active in South Africa and Africa who offer excellent courses and opportunities for learning and fellowship.

In Swahili, Ziwani means ‘at the lake’. For us, it represents a hope that Ziwani will become a place of refreshment and a collaborative ‘oasis’ for people who dream of building a just and flourishing society together.

A place of community and collaboration, filled with biblical revelation, that aims to leave a legacy of hope and redemption across the African continent.

Come meet us
at the lake

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