We strategically deploy our entrusted resources through well-chosen partnerships for the maximum expansion of God’s Kingdom

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Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptising them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you.” – Matthew 28:19-20

The Mergon Foundation is a not-for-profit trust fund that was established in 1980, following a commitment made by Francois van Niekerk to God as he turned to Him for a lifeline in business.

Our vision is to see God’s Kingdom expand, to see the unreached come to faith in Jesus Christ, to see people discipled into living relationships with God and assimilated into faith communities. To this purpose we allocate financial and human capital to ministry partners across Africa and the Middle East, enabling them to greater multiply their Kingdom impact. We link partners into our network and provide equipping opportunities, encourage them and pray for them. Through their efforts, we see the true redemptive power of the gospel displayed in a life transformed, a community uplifted, a future intact and an assurance grounded in the unchanging goodness of God.


The Mergon Foundation has regional strategies, supporting ministries across South Africa, sub-Saharan African and North-Africa/Middle East. We research, evaluate and discern where and how God is leading us to deploy Mergon’s resources for the greatest Kingdom impact.

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We regret to inform you that we are currently not accepting any new applications. Please refer back to our webpage in July 2024 to confirm if our online application form has been re-opened.

Latest news and articles

FiftyFour: Three steps to release local funding | Mergon

Three steps to release local funding

‘Growing your local funding is not only critical for organisational stability, but is good for the community as well,' shares UK-based fundraiser and consultant, Redina Kolaneci. In this article inspired by FiftyFour's recent live learning on this topic, she encourages us to think of fundraising not as a daunting or onerous task, but as something deeply fulfilling and dynamic along your organisation’s journey. She explores why local funding matters both financially and biblically, as well as three steps to nurture and release local funds.
Four (un)common ways of exiting | The Magnificent Exit by Neil Hart

Four (un)common ways of exiting

Great leaders think generationally and have the rare ability to imagine their organisation without them in the future picture. In his book, The Magnificent Exit, Neil Hart examines the traits of exceptional leadership and successful leadership transitions, rooted in the example that Christ left for us to follow. With these insights and his own experiences at hand, Neil identifies four core attributes of leaders who have successfully handed over the reins, and ensured organisational continuity beyond their tenure.
Mertech Marine: an underwater environmental solution

Mertech Marine: an underwater environmental solution

Business can be a powerful catalyst for social good. That's why our investment portfolio is structured to scale and grow our Kingdom impact in society. Mergon investee company, Mertech Marine, is an innovative model of submarine cable recovery and recycling that offers an environmentally sustainable solution. In today’s world of ever-increasing demands on the environment, Mertech Marine is playing its part in the circular economy. Read more here.
For every tribe and tongue: the vital role of Bible translation

For every tribe and tongue: the vital role of Bible translation

‘The word of God needs to saturate our minds if we want to know and follow God’s will.’ But for those who are unable to read or comprehend it because of a language barrier, the path to spiritual growth remains obstructed. With more than 1.5 billion people still without access to the full Bible in their heart languages, the role of Bible translation remains a vital endeavour. In this article, take a look at the process of Bible translation, the impactful stories of lives that have been transformed through receiving the word of God, and how we can all engage in this mission.
Ziwani Called to Work: stories of African entrepreneurs

Called to Work: stories of African entrepreneurs

Stories inspire, and help us envision our lives not just as they are, but as they could be. Africa has a rich tradition of storytelling, a thread that weaves together culture and wisdom over generations. Ziwani’s passion has always been to capture these narratives and bring them to life. In this article, learn more about Ziwani’s latest series 'Called to Work: Stories of African Entrepreneurs' - a video series that documents the lives of entrepreneurs who have walked remarkable faith journeys in the African marketplace. Read more about the series here.
Going further together, Nation’s Builder’s new era of impact | Mergon

Going further together, Nation Builder’s new era of impact

When coming together to serve a vision bigger than our own, extraordinary things can happen. For the past 16 years in Nation Builder, we’ve seen this to be true. In recent years, Valcare and Nation Builder journeyed together with a common goal to strengthen South Africa’s social impact sector. Both serving as 'bridge builders' between the business and non-profit sectors, these two organisations are now becoming one. Mergon’s Keri (and former Nation Builder head) shares on the exciting opportunities in which the new team can leverage their collective strengths to further benefit the social impact sector.

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