The physics of organisational health

To unpack the topic of organisational health, it is helpful for us to revisit high school physics – specifically the idea that energy is finite in any given system.

Nation Builder’s Impact Management Reporting Guideline launched

Nation Builder has launched a standardised Impact Management Reporting Guideline for SA’s social impact sector.

What is organisational health and why does it matter?

Healthy organisations will have impact so a large part of leadership involves managing & improving organisational health.

Building a lasting, Kingdom-focused investment group

Only in the last few years have we really started to place our calling at the centre of all we do.

Culture: drive it from the top, see it in the bottom line

Can an organisational culture be changed? And does culture actually affect the performance of the business?

Partnering for measured impact

Right now, the trend in the social investment space is towards more effectively measuring the social impact of business endeavours and social investment efforts.