The unseen link between organisational health and impact for non-profits

Mergon Foundation’s Ian Conolly addresses maintaining a healthy organisational culture while strategically growing non-profit organisations. He identifies three key practices for achieving this: People, Thinking and Governance Practices. When these align, organisations can thrive with effective teams, clear strategies, and governance. In support of this, we introduce a new online learning and capacity-building platform called FiftyFour, to guide non-profit leaders in building thriving organisations. Launching in 2024.

Episode 5: Werner Momberg – Growing your organisational health

Have you ever thought about the various dimensions of organisational health and whether you’re nurturing it effectively? Today we join Werner Momberg from the Mergon Foundation, who shares on the vital role that organisational health plays in having long-lasting success and sustainable impact.

Growing your organisational health

Organisations are like jet engines, says Mergon Foundation’s Werner Momberg, with each part of the engine playing a crucial role in moving the machine forward. To build organisations that make a real difference in this world, leaders need to tune and develop each of these components so that their organisations can become effective ‘engines of impact’. In this article Werner shares key insights into how leaders can nurture organisational health and grow their impact.