“Feed the streams of life, not your own dams.” - Francois van Niekerk

About us

Our Journey

Our story began in 1980, when out of deep gratitude for God’s intervention in a financial crisis, founder Francois van Niekerk vowed to commit 30% of all profits to the work of expanding God’s Kingdom. To this end, the Mergon Foundation was established.

Over two decades the portfolio consistently grew, enabling the Mergon Foundation to resource a select number of ministries operating across South Africa.

In 2008, Pieter Faure took over the management of Francois’ investment interests as well as those of the Mergon Foundation, to form Mergon as it is known today. Today we partner with over 100 ministry initiatives throughout Africa and the Middle East who bring hope and restoration to communities in need.

Our work has also expanded over the years into the business community, where, through Nation Builder and Ziwani, we support business leaders in bringing social change and contributing to a just and flourishing society.

Over 40 years later, Mergon’s story is still being written – an ever expanding story of God’s unmerited grace and resources for us to share and multiply.



Establish a business
Diversify into property
Focus on balance sheet growth


Next generation

Build a team
Investment Entrepreneurs
Strategic Resource partners
Equip and inspire business community



Redemptive Stewardship
Catalytic Kingdom Partners
Collaborative resource platforms

Our Values

01 It’s not about us

We’re inspired to follow God’s lead and see His Kingdom expand.

02 In it together

We prioritise people and rely on the power of our collective strengths.

03 Stewards on a journey

We believe that partnerships unlock disproportionate impact.

Our leadership team

Keri-Leigh Paschal

Executive head – Integrate

Neil Hart

Executive head – Mergon Foundation

Louw Rabie

CFO - Mergon

Pieter Faure

CEO - Mergon

Gauche Radley

COO - Mergon

Almero Strauss

Director - Mergon

Our Boards

Dr. Yassir Eric

Foundation Board Member

Stephan Joubert

Mergon Trust Board Member

Peter Tarantal

Foundation Board Member

Lauren Henning

Nation Builder Board Member

Johan Beukes

Mergon & Nation Builder Board Member

Carla Van Rensburg

Trustee & Director

Charmaine Smith

Foundation & Nation Builder Board Member

Francois Van Niekerk

Founder of Mergon
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The groundbreaking book by Francois van Niekerk is now available.


A must read for anyone who has a vision and a desire for their business efforts and talents to contribute toward the current trend of achieving commercial success while doing good.​

Read the story of Francois van Niekerk, a man who became humble before God, listened to His call and then acted on that call to be instrumental in feeding the stream of life rather than his own dam.

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