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Practical perspectives on redeeming the supply chain

‘Linking the supply chain to social justice is not a new idea, nor is it limited to Christian businesspeople,’ says Kerryne. So how does redemptive engagement by Christians in business look any different from what ethical business is already doing? Through her award winning company, of eyeSlices®, founder and CEO Kerryne Krause is making a tangible contribution to the social justice landscape in South Africa. In this summary of her interview with Ziwani’s Sibs Sibanda, she offers a few practical examples of how Christians can operate as what she calls, a ‘community of conscience.’

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The role of generational purpose in building a prosperous Africa

‘Our grandfathers dreamed of a free Africa, our fathers dreamed of respect for human rights. What will our generation be known for?’ asks Kenyan lawyer Nelson Ashitiva in this interview with Ziwani’s Sibs Sibanda. Nelson believes that every generation has its own contribution to make, while being connected to a God-given multi-generational purpose. Read how Africa is poised to flourish through generational faith.

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Ziwani – highlights and looking ahead

Since the June launch, so much has been taking place across the Ziwani landscape. New partnerships are forming, communities are growing, conversations are on the go – there’s a real sense of being propelled into the plans and purposes that God has intended for Ziwani.

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Want to lead well? Root yourself in Christ

Adelaide Cupido is the founder of Yada Network and a member of the Ziwani community. In this article, she shares how her faith has been the ultimate roadmap for her career and has helped her to cultivate meaningful connections and lead better over time.

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