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Growing your organisational health

Organisations are like jet engines, says Mergon Foundation’s Werner Momberg, with each part of the engine playing a crucial role in moving the machine forward. To build organisations that make a real difference in this world, leaders need to tune and develop each of these components so that their organisations can become effective ‘engines of impact’. In this article Werner shares key insights into how leaders can nurture organisational health and grow their impact.

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Building healthy donor relationships

Most ministry leaders note that they feel asking for funding shouldn’t be so hard, yet it is often the hardest part of their job. According to David Denmark, executive director of the Maclellan Foundation, what makes it so hard is the collision of personal and business in a context of a radical perceived power imbalance. In this Elevate episode we explore the complexities of financial giving, from both a beneficiary and donor perspective.

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Raising up and releasing leaders

‘Good leadership is about empowering others to go beyond where you have gone,’ says founder of the International Sports Movement, Eddie Waxer. In this article from our Elevate podcast, Eddie shares on the core values of humility and trust when raising up and releasing a generation of new leaders. So long as leaders want to prioritise the mission over themselves, Eddie says that leaders need to ‘lead from the back’ in order to empower those who are leading the movement on the ground.

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Unlocking the power of partnerships in world missions

When organisations, ministries, churches and missionaries start working together and join their networks to accomplish a shared vision, the possibilities for Kingdom impact exceed any and all expectations. In this Elevate Leadership podcast entitled ‘Unlocking the power of partnerships in world missions’, Kärin Butler Primuth of visionSynergy shares about the work they do as an organisation to champion the power of collaboration and multi-organisational networks.

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Becoming a healthy spiritual leader

Behind every healthy organisation is a healthy leadership team. But how do you know if your leadership is actually healthy and cultivating organisational vitality? For over 20 years, Dr Johan Beukes has been helping leaders to answer this question – enabling them to bounce back from burnout and thrive through diversity and change. In this podcast Johan explores the mindsets and habits that both hinder and harness our spiritual and leadership formation.

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