Episode 2: Edwin Fillies – The art of cross-cultural leadership

Leading in multicultural environments is not easy – but it can be hugely rewarding. In this episode we asked Edwin Fillies, co-founder of YWAM’s Nations-to-Nations ministry, to speak to us about leading cross-cultural teams and developing God’s heart for the ‘other’. Working with over 25 000 young people every year, Edwin encourages us to embrace hospitality, live open-heartedly and engage multi-culturally in the body of Christ.

Episode 1: Afrika Mhlophe – Growing your cultural intelligence as a leader

Regardless of whether we’re aware of it, all of us carry a cultural bias. Pastor, author and speaker Afrika Mhlophe says if we want to grow our cultural intelligence, we need to scrutinise the culture that drives our beliefs and ultimately determines our behaviour. How can we appreciate other cultural perspectives and let go of any beliefs that are incompatible with the Christian faith? Afrika helps us answer this question and several more in this episode of Elevate.