Episode 8: Eddie Waxer – Raising up and releasing leaders

As ministry leaders how do we empower and release the people around us? In this episode of the Elevate series, Eddie Waxer shares on the power of humility to pave a culture of inclusivity, trust and dedicated discipleship. Having helped drive a movement in global sports evangelism, Eddie illustrates how we can effectively multiply our impact when we keep the mission, and not ourselves, at the centre.

Episode 7: Steve Patty – Strengthening your strategy for impact

In this episode, Dr Steve Patty of Dialogues in Action encourages us to see strategy and evaluation not as an event that we ‘must do’ once or twice a year, but as a ‘way of life’ that architects a culture of learning in our ministry. Through fresh and practical insight, Steve helps us develop our strategic thinking so that we can effectively evaluate and communicate our impact as leaders and organisations.

Episode 6: Kärin Butler Primuth – The power of partnerships in world missions

Have you ever wondered how to benefit from the strength of multi-organisational networks? In this episode, we speak to Kärin Butler Primuth, CEO of visionSynergy, who are collaboration specialists in the global mission movement. Karin makes an inspiring case for the power of Christian partnerships to accelerate Kingdom impact and shape the future of world missions.

Episode 5: Werner Momberg – Growing your organisational health

Have you ever thought about the various dimensions of organisational health and whether you’re nurturing it effectively? Today we join Werner Momberg from the Mergon Foundation, who shares on the vital role that organisational health plays in having long-lasting success and sustainable impact. He speaks to some of the 11 key dimensions that make up a healthy organisation, and how they work interconnectedly to grow your impact over time.

Episode 4: David Denmark – Building healthy donor relationships

As a leader of an NGO or ministry, why is it always so hard to ask for money? In this episode, David Denmark, executive director of the Maclellan Foundation, helps us get to the heart of this question by exploring the complexities of financial giving, from both a beneficiary and donor perspective. Through rich theology and practical experience, he paints an inspiring picture of what healthy donor-beneficiary partnerships can be when rooted in trust and Kingdom principles.

Episode 3: Dr Johan Beukes – Becoming a healthy spiritual leader

How spiritually healthy are you as a spiritual leader? In this episode Dr Johan Beukes shares on ways of growing our spiritual health and leadership, so that we not only survive, but thrive, in change and diversity. Johan explores some of the mindsets that typically derail leaders from their God-given course, and encourages leaders to root their identity firmly in Christ.