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The role of generational purpose in building a prosperous Africa

‘Our grandfathers dreamed of a free Africa, our fathers dreamed of respect for human rights. What will our generation be known for?’ asks Kenyan lawyer Nelson Ashitiva in this interview with Ziwani’s Sibs Sibanda. Nelson believes that every generation has its own contribution to make, while being connected to a God-given multi-generational purpose. Read how Africa is poised to flourish through generational faith.

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When worldviews collide – and how the Gospel reconciles

Our worldview shapes how we do things and what we value most in this world. But what happens when differing worldviews collide? How can the Gospel help us navigate these differences and build bridges of understanding? In Ziwani’s first online ‘At the Lake’ discussion, we explored this question, drawing from the insight of 4 seasoned panelists who effectively create ‘safe, brave spaces’ for cross-cultural understanding to emerge.

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8 Characteristics of Excellent Leaders

Drawing on decades of experience in high profile positions, Martin Kuscus highlights 8 characteristics of excellent leaders. He encourages those who desire leadership to start with the critical question: why? What motivates my ambitions to lead – and do these ambitions serve a higher purpose than my own career goals? Martin offers practical advice which, if applied over time, can help pave the way to a meaningful and impactful leadership career.

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