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Finish well, rest well, start well

‘This time of the year we tend to create time and space for other people but we seldom take time for ourselves,’ said Dr. André Kilian in the recent Elevate Webinar.

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Seven effective ways to build a culture of trust

If you want to build a business that is purposeful and sustainable, a business where people feel safe to think out-of-the-box and one that can withstand the inevitable storms and thrive under pressure, you have to consider the culture in your business.

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Business with Purpose Survey 2020

Over the years there has been a growing call on businesses to pursue a purpose beyond profit. Amongst Christians specifically, there has been an increased focus on integrating faith and work. These simultaneous trends have had pockets of positive impact on society worldwide.

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The four priorities of a leader

During a recent Elevate Leadership webinar, executive head of the Mergon Foundation, Neil Hart, focussed on four priorities that will help leaders to move their organisations forward.

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