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Unlocking the power of partnerships in world missions

When organisations, ministries, churches and missionaries start working together and join their networks to accomplish a shared vision, the possibilities for Kingdom impact exceed any and all expectations. In this Elevate Leadership podcast entitled ‘Unlocking the power of partnerships in world missions’, Kärin Butler Primuth of visionSynergy shares about the work they do as an organisation to champion the power of collaboration and multi-organisational networks.

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Finish well, rest well, start well

‘This time of the year we tend to create time and space for other people but we seldom take time for ourselves,’ said Dr. André Kilian in the recent Elevate Webinar.

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The four priorities of a leader

During a recent Elevate Leadership webinar, executive head of the Mergon Foundation, Neil Hart, focussed on four priorities that will help leaders to move their organisations forward.

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