Bianca’s story: Trading addiction for deliverance

“It was an icy winter’s night, pouring with rain,” recalls Bianca Rabbaney. “My fiancé and I were sitting in the churchyard and I was feeling sick, hungry, and cold. A drug addict for 22 years, I felt like my life was ruined.”

All her relationships had failed – her children were living with their grandparents, their father wanted nothing to do with her, and the rest of her family didn’t know how to help her anymore.

“I was lonely and knew I was dying – physically and spiritually,” she says.

The constant fighting made her run away time and time again just so that she could feed her habit: “All I wanted was drugs, it was all I cared about. Every day was a constant battle and many nights I begged God to take me away from this cold and destructive lifestyle.”

“I had started blaming God for everything that went wrong in my life.”

But, as the proverb rings, “bad company corrupts good character”. And that is exactly what happened to Bianca. At a young age, she got caught up in the wrong company and started smoking marijuana and drinking excessively. By the time she turned 18, she had turned to more dangerous drugs.

Her story isn’t much different to that of other addicts in that it included a great deal of abuse and even highjacking and rape.

“Addiction has a way of manipulating you into thinking that everyone else is to blame – not the drugs,” she says.

A chance to make a U-turn

Her turning point came in the churchyard that very same winter’s night when her (now husband) told her that he had given his life to God and was going into recovery. “We held each other tightly and I decided there and then that it was time to end this chaotic lifestyle,” she explains.

“He told me about U-turn where they offer people breakfast and clean clothing – and most importantly the Word of God.

“I was so afraid – actually more ashamed – but to my surprise, I was welcomed with a warm bowl of porridge and cup of coffee. I went back day after day until one day, the occupational therapist called me in and offered me a bed at the Wynberg Shelter. I stayed there for four months whilst completing the Matrix Rehabilitation Programme.

Getting equipped for what lay ahead

When I finished rehab, I went for an interview at the U-turn Head Office where I was offered a place on the Life Change programme. While on the programme, I learnt about my worth, about  integrity, patience and respect, as well as parenting, money handling, IT, and Bible study skills.

To God be the glory

Now almost three years clean, Bianca has her own accommodation, she got married, and all her relationships have been restored.

“All praise to God who showed me mercy. When people ask me how I did it, I smile and say: ‘Just surrender to God and He will do the rest for you.’

“God uses U-turn as a vessel to help those who are lost to come back into society. I thank Him every day. It’s not an easy road, but it’s definitely worth it in the end.”

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